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  • 20-20 Speaking
    God speaks in different ways and His word is perfect. In dreams and visions, what we “see” God doing or saying is as perfect as hearing Him audibly. In fact, His word is […]
  • A House Mystery
    Dreams about houses are very common: a place lived in, a symbolic house never lived in, or someone else’s home. These types of dreams can give insight into the lives of the residents. […]
  • A Window To A Promise
    A window to a promise is a type of vision or portal. When it opens, we see what God is saying from an invisible dimension. Sometimes there are many witnesses to miraculous events. […]
  • An Invitation to a Promise: The Awakening
    God is extending an invitation at this time to everyone, and He is also delivering a Promise for an Awakening. In this post: Life’s Coincidences That Raise Our Eyebrows Periodically, I mentally replay […]
  • By My Spirit (2 and 22)
    By My Spirit It was the eve of Yom Teruah (Rosh Hashana 5782) and I was wondering and waiting to hear from the Spirit what the new year would bring. His quiet response […]
  • Celebrating Faith, Courage and Love
    Whatever happens, let us keep living our lives based on the reality of the gospel of Christ… that we stand united in one Spirit and one passion—celebrating together as conquerors in the faith […]
  • Discern God’s Voice from Other Voices
    Shortly after my previous post, I sensed the Lord wanted me to write about discernment: How to discern God’s Voice from other voices. I intended to do so but have been distracted by […]
  • Doorways to Change and Transition
    After her impressive rendition of a Whitney Houston classic and she was crowned Miss World 2019, Toni-Ann Singh was asked if she planned to showcase her beautiful voice professionally. Her response about doorways […]
  • Dream Gymnastics
    Image courtesy of Depositphotos.com (The dancer) Gymnastics are not only for athletes; you may discover you can be very active in your dreams. Have you ever – bicycled in heavy traffic like a […]
  • Dream: Beautiful Feet
    The Bible describes those that bring the gospel of peace as beautiful feet (Romans 10:15). However, these feet are connected to a Body. The Holy Spirit found a creative way to bring this […]
  • Dream: Cry Every Day (Overflow)
    The Apostle Paul said in 1 Corinthians 15:31, “I die daily,” but have you heard the phrase cry every day? I share here what I learned from the following dream: Dream: Wisdom from […]
  • Dream: Tuning to God’s Light
    God’s Light is a frequently overlooked dream symbol. To be sure, we can learn a lot about the interpretation of our spiritual dreams from the qualify and intensity of light we see in […]
  • Expecting the Unexpected
    Expecting the unexpected describes how we feel when we ask God for things. We are never quite sure how He will respond. When God does not do things the way we expect, it […]
  • Gifted to the Tabernacle in Heaven
    Gifted to the tabernacle in Heaven, we look to the earthly tabernacle as a roadmap to understand our role and value. Did you know that we are gifted in Heaven? If not, no […]
  • God Speaks with Fire and Thunder
    God speaks in many different ways. The Bible describes His Voice as like fire and thunder. However, we often hear His softer side in other ways. These include studying the Bible, receiving revelations […]
  • God’s Message in the Stones
    God was delivering a message in the stones, but I did not hear it immediately. In this post, we discuss: Overlooked old stones While on a visit to my island home just over […]
  • Happy Father’s Day
    I will be your Father, and you will be my child. If you sin, I will correct and discipline you like any father would do, but my love and favor will not depart […]
  • Happy New Year Plus One
    As I lay in bed early in the New Year, I remembered that in the hours before New Year’s Eve, I had heard about three different 41-year-old men who had died unexpectedly. The […]
  • Happy Thanksgiving Day
    I always give thanks to my God for you because of the grace he has given you through Christ Jesus. 1 Corinthians 1: 4 (GNT) All things are yours… you belong to Christ, […]
  • He is Risen!
    He Is Risen 16 Now when the Sabbath was past, Mary Magdalene, Mary the mother of James, and Salome bought spices, that they might come and anoint Him. 2 Very early in the morning, on […]
  • Hindsight is 2020: When D comes before C
    Hindsight is 2020 seeing because things are usually more apparent in retrospect. However, sometimes even with clear vision, things do not make sense. In this post: Dream: C2 It was a very strange […]
  • Hot Cross Buns
    “What do hot cross buns have to do with the coronavirus?“. This strange question juxtaposed my peaceful transition from sleep to waking this Friday morning. It was not an audible voice but a […]
  • Jacob’s Dreams
    Jacob’s dreams teach us about God’s ways of speaking and how long-term prophetic words are fulfilled in their appointed time. This post is based on Genesis chapters 25-35, and we discuss the following: […]
  • Jesus Is Praying For You
    Jesus praying on his knees
  • Keys to Unlocking Your Dreams
    I was recently a guest on a podcast titled, Keys to Unlocking Your Dreams, which aired live on Facebook and simulcast on radio Star 106 FM (in The Bahamas). The host, Coach Trish […]
  • Leap Day Countdown
    Happy Birthday to all young Leapers! Each Leap Day I do a quick mental calculation of the number of “days” I have lived in Florida. It will be 8 as of this weekend […]
  • Looking Glass (Mirror) Dreams
    Mirror dreams are relatively common and puzzling when the face looking back at you is not your own. In this post, I offer two kinds of mirror dreams and their interpretations, Scriptures, and […]
  • Optometry in Dreams (part one)
    God’s Eye Exams and Adjustments A recent experience made me think about how God performs optometry in dreams through His eye exams and adjustments. In this post, we discuss the following: God the […]
  • Optometry in Dreams (part two)
    God’s Dream Tools and Lenses There are different types of dream tools and lenses designed to help us to see further, deeper. Some tools also enable us to discern former and latter things […]
  • Overwriting the Old with the New
    In dreams and visions, repainting an old wall may mean overwriting the old with the new. The type of room in which we find ourselves gives insight into our life because, in parabolic […]
  • Parabola Focus
    A simple but often overlooked mathematical concept called Parabola Focus reveals that solutions are found in unexpected places. In this post we discuss: The root of parables “The eyes of the Lord are […]
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  • Prophetic Dream: 1972 Reawakening
    God is speaking about a reawakening through the following dream. But, most importantly, the past repeats itself. And we are at the jubilee of the last great awakening of 1972, so the timing […]
  • Prophetic Dream: Enter My Rest Today
    The Bible tells us to enter God’s rest today. However, ever so often, change comes so suddenly that we feel unprepared for what it brings. At other times we must patiently wait, like […]
  • Prophetic Dream: The Transition
    This prophetic dream The Transition begins before the 2020 Presidential elections and transitions three different time periods. I have never met anyone I saw in the dream and the dream was in color. […]
  • Prophetic Perspectives
    As we wrap up 2020, it’s interesting that God is once again releasing prophetic perspectives in this year of “vision.” In fact, God has been speaking to Prophets and Intercessors about current events. […]
  • Recognizing When Jesus Enters
    No sooner when Jesus enters a town; than he is recognized. The Healer had come to the shores of Gennesaret by boat. Before long, the sick flooded him, and beds lined the streets […]
  • Regular Mothers
    Regular mothers, everyday mothers are mentioned and honored throughout Scripture for their obedience and faith. Yet, they were not celebrities or royalty. For example, Samson’s unnamed mother raised a Nazirite who boasted superhuman […]
  • Secrets in the Loaves and Fish
    Last weekend, as I pondered and visualized the miraculous multiplication of loaves and fish documented in Mark chapters 6 and 8, the Lord drew my attention to the grass. Green grass. It was […]
  • Signs That Make Room For Him
    I asked God a question and His response was a sign that we still need to make room for Him. Signs That Make Room for Him I asked the Lord, “What would you […]
  • Steppingstones to Destiny
    Destiny is a place we travel to. Have you ever asked yourself, What are God’s Plans for me? How will I arrive at my destiny? In this post: God has pre-appointed our destiny. […]
  • The Arm of the Lord
    For hundreds of years, anticipation grew that the Arm of the Lord would appear. But when He did, most did not recognize Him. More importantly, do we still overlook Him today? The first […]
  • The Dawn
    I awakened early this morning, at dawn, and prayed. Then as I lay pondering personal and global events, my Soul sighed, “It’s been a long night season.” Unexpectedly, I heard, “Dawn.” I paused. […]
  • The Faith of a Father
    Jairus was a synagogue leader in the Galilee area. He understood the protocols for running a synagogue, the worship and the reading of the scrolls. He may have heard how much the synagogue […]
  • The Faith of Fathers
    The faith of fathers is tested throughout life and illustrated the Bible. Though some fold under the weight of life’s challenges, their experiences reflect aspects of the perfect and faithful love of our […]
  • The Fragrance of Nations (Part One)
    Spiritual fragrances can help us to grow in the gift of the discernment of spirits. This ability to smell works even when we are dreaming. The Bible speaks of the fragrances of life, […]
  • The Fragrance of Nations (part two)
    Smelling in dreams, introduced in Part one of this post, discusses my unique experiences with fragrances or “seeing with the nose.” An active sense of smell in dreams or visions, asleep or awake, can […]
  • The Hidden Glory of Love
    The hidden glory of love sounds mismatched, incongruous. Why hide something glorious instead of showing it to everyone? Yet, in the Kingdom of Heaven and dreams, the Lord uses seemingly disparate things to […]
  • The Human “Race”
    The human “race” is not run for speed or competition but rather for destiny. Additionally, perseverance, faith, obeying “road signs,” and avoiding detours will ensure we finish the trail. In this post we […]
  • The Journey Begins
    Thanks for joining me! Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton
  • The Lamp and The Lock
    The Lamp and the Lock is an original allegory inspired by the Holy Spirit and events of our times. The story illustrates that even the foolishness of God is wiser than men. A […]
  • The Passover and The Priesthood
    It is the Passover and Good Friday. In 2020, an unprecedented number of people around the world observed these holy days at home, forbidden to congregate. Millions lost either loved ones or livelihood […]
  • The Passover in Symbols and Dreams
    In this post we look at some important and timeless symbols from the Passover: The Body and Blood of the Passover Lamb According to Exodus 8:22, the Children of Israel were still living […]
  • The Scrolls of Life
    Everyone’s life is written in Scrolls of Life that includes codified details that can only be known and deciphered by the Author of Life. In this post we discuss: Your life is written […]
  • The Shepherd’s Fold
    Psalms 23 is known for how the Shepherd protects His sheep. However, there are other Scripture that support this psalm and that list is at the end of this post. The Shepherd speaks […]
  • The Sum of His Thoughts
    God’s thoughts outnumber sand How precious also are Your thoughts to me, O God! How great the sum of them?  If I should count them, they would be more in number than the […]
  • The Toilet and the Tower (A Dream)
    The Toilet and the Tower dream was journaled seven years ago. It recently recaptured my attention because it speaks wisdom for these times. At the end of this post, I extend an invitation […]
  • Timeless Thanksgiving
    Save 51% on Parables, Dreams & Encounters: Understanding God’s Language and Symbols e-book. Our 2022 After-Thanksgiving (Black Friday to Cyber Monday) offer runs from midnight November 24th – midnight November 28th PST. Please […]
  • Wilderness Wanderers
    Most of us do not consider the wilderness to play an essential role in our spiritual journey. However, we do encounter varying seasons and types of terrains similar to those found in nature: […]
  • You Are Light
    Christmas is truly a season of light. How wonderful it is to see decorative lights sprinkled everywhere in every color! This week also marks the celebration of the Feast of Dedication (Hanukkah) or […]

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