Dream: Tuning to God’s Light

God's Light is sunlight.
The canopy of tall trees framing a clear blue sky, with the sun shining through (depositphotos.com)

God’s Light is a frequently overlooked dream symbol. To be sure, we can learn a lot about the interpretation of our spiritual dreams from the qualify and intensity of light we see in our dreams. This is because God’s Word is light. (Psalm 119: 105, 130) In this post we discuss:


Spiritual dreams are both bright and colorful. Undeniably, the more vibrant the colors and intense the sunlight, the greater the probability that the dream is inspired by the Holy Spirit.

Why is this?

God is light, and in Him is no darkness at all (1 John 1:5). In Your light we see light (Psalm 36:9b).

God’s Words, whether written or spoken or seen in a dream, are Light. This Light enables us to hear God’s Voice and discern His counsel versus other sources (Romans 10:17).

Your word is a lamp to my feet And a light to my path (Psalm 119: 105). Understanding your word brings light to the minds of ordinary people. (Psalms 119:130, CEV)


Explicitly, a person’s Spirit is instantly joined to Jesus at the moment of salvation and is filled with His Light (reborn). He who is joined to the Lord is one spirit with Him (1 Corinthians 6:17).

By and large, the regeneration of the Soul can take a long time. This is because we often esteem our opinions, guard our preferences, or are set in our ways. Dull looking dreams with indistinct colors (and stirred emotions) are usually from the Soul. When we reject God’s counsel, our dreams grow even darker and the risk for deception increases. The further away from God, the less the light and color.

Some dreams may look colorful, but are false. These types of dreams (#ad) come to test our discernment, whether we are familiar with the Words and ways of the Lord. Only the Holy Spirit and Scriptures can help us to unmask a false dream (and false prophecy).

A disturbing dream, devoid of color or grayscale, is likely from the kingdom of darkness. This is because Satan and his cronies are as far away as one can get from the only Source of Light and Life: God.


The “prince of this world“ has been judged (John 16:11). In other words, he is about to pay for his crimes against humanity. Stripped of his authority and creative power, he relies on some “anointed ones“ to “prophesy“ his dark agenda for him. Suddenly, a suggestion becomes prophetic, and a secret fear manifests.

We are created in the image of God to be vessels of His Light, and to speak with His creative anointing. Do our words truly make a difference?

Twelve went to scout out the Promised Land, but only two came back with a good report. Yes, there were giants in the land, but the Ten Spies (leaders of God’s people) who “prophesied” their own defeat earned God’s deep displeasure (Numbers 13-14).

Jesus warned that many “sorrows” will precede His return to this earth, accompanied by deception. But He has nothing to do with darkness.

I am the light of the world. He who follows Me shall not walk in darkness, but have the light of life” (John 8:12). Also: (Matthew 24, Luke 21, Mark 13).

Spiritual Prophecy about Jesus will continue to bear His testimony He is still doing good, healing those oppressed by the devil, and preaching the Good News of His Kingdom: Repent! Turn away from darkness, believe in Me and be reconciled to God! (Revelation 19:10b, Acts 10:38)


DREAM: I was sharing the Word of God with a little old-fashioned English cottage, but it was resistant to the Truth. (A talking cottage!)
Someone I knew, (the Lord) climbed to the top of a wooden utility pole and placed the cottage on top. Rays of sunshine streamed down on the cottage, and green tree foliage formed the backdrop. Next, He “tuned” the cottage to the right frequencies. (End)

SYMBOLS: The sunlight (Son-Light) was prominent in this dream. The old-fashioned cottage – parabolic scriptures tell us that a man’s life is like a house (Matthew 7:24-27, Mark 3:27). Utility poles – are very tall and carry power (Light) and telephone (God’s Word) cables. Leaves of the trees – symbolize healing (Rev. 22:2).

INTERPRETATION: The Son-light (Jesus), connected the “old-fashioned” cottage (person set in his/her ways) to God’s Power and His Words. First, He enabled it to “see” from His perspective (understand spiritual things). Then, He tuned it to His frequencies (to receive His Truth and revelation).

God gave this “intercession” dream type for instruction. For example, we can pray that God will draw persons from darkness into His Light and grant them understanding of spiritual Truth. Amen! (John 6:44-45, 1 Peter 2:9)

Sadly, as Jesus stated in John 8:43-47, there are some people (not the majority) who cannot receive Truth and will never respond to the Light because they are not of God. They prefer the darkness (John 3:19-21).


To engage in spiritual warfare means: We allow God’s Light to displace darkness in hearts, in homes, and in dreams. Light is the substance of every spiritual weapon and armor in the Kingdom of God – including the Blood, Faith, the Anointing, Truth, Love, Righteousness, Peace and the Joy of the Lord. (In another dream, I saw how Light in God’s Kingdom simultaneously devours like Fire anything dark within us, leaving behind no residue except Light.)

How ought we to respond to dark dreams? We can flip them. If a dark dream prophesies death, we can use our anointed tongues to declare scriptures of Life in Jesus’ Name. If the enemy prophesies a lie, we oppose him with God’s Truth. Frequent repentance will keep our armor and weapons intact.

The enemy gauges our understanding of Light by how we respond to his “suggestions.” Do we “declare the decree” of Psalm 2? Or do we welcome him in and provide board and lodging?


When we love the Light and dwell with the Lord (through the Word and prayer), the brighter, more colorful and more vivid our dreams will be. We will discern and participate in God’s plans. However, one dark scene in a bright colorful dream does not make the dream dark. We may be “seeing” a transition, a different dimension, or the enemy’s plans. (Example in my previous post).

Our Spirt expands and overshadows our Soul (deliverance) and our body (healing) as we daily feed on Light-food (the Word of God). As a result, Peace fills our heart and home and the supernatural manifests to us. Discerning God’s Voice becomes easier, and dark dreams become few and rare (except those God allows for seer intercession).

I consume Light by memorizing and meditating on the Psalms, Isaiah and John. So, what are some of YOUR favorite Light– foods?

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