Dream: Cry Every Day (Overflow)

The Apostle Paul said in 1 Corinthians 15:31, “I die daily,” but have you heard the phrase cry every day? I share here what I learned from the following dream:

Dream: Wisdom from above – “Cry Every Day”

Scene 1:

I was with a Roofer on my roof. The angles, ridges, valleys and perfectly spaced white tiles looked like a work of art that I had not been able to see from the ground.

It started to rain and cement tiles are usually slippery when wet. “Are you planning on working in the rain?” I asked.

“Yeah,” He responded. “I have some students coming and there are a few things I want to teach them.”

He started to teach me and show me things. I watched as the Roofer entered the home of one of my neighbors to speak with him and get some gasoline fuel. “He is like Me; he is a contractor,” He explained.

I cannot recall all the details of our conversation, but something He said rang true: If you want to be successful, cry every day.” Instinctively, in the dream, I knew what “cry every day” meant.

Scene 2

Eventually, the time came for me to leave the roof, but there was no ladder. The Roofer said, “Follow Me.”

He led me to a section where the roof sloped and dipped almost to the ground. One tiny jump and my feet landed on solid ground. I was puzzled because my roof line does not naturally dip so low. “How did that happen?” I asked.

“I just brought you to the shallow side,” He explained.

Scene 3

At another time and location, I shared my rooftop testimony with a woman (a stranger). She listened thoughtfully, “Hmmm…Cry every day.” Instinctively, she also understood what the Roofer meant. (End).

Analysis and Dream Interpretation

The Roofer/contractor is the Lord. He often makes cameo appearances in spiritual dreams, and we can recognize Him by His role or the things He speaks (for example, “Follow Me”). He appeared to be inspecting my roof.

In the parabolic language of the Bible, a man’s life is like a house (Matthew 7:24). A roof protects a building from extreme elements and damaging winds. Therefore, a roof symbolizes spiritual covering and protection. It is as essential as the foundation of a home. Additionally, The color white, in this context, represents purity and righteousness. (My house has white roof tiles, but since I have never been on my roof, I know this is a dream symbol). Likewise, rain is associated with spiritual renewal and a blessing from Heaven (Hosea 10:12; Joel 2:23).

Basically, this dream is about my encounter with the Lord (the Roofer), my spiritual covering. However, as the dream implies, others will also understand this message by the Spirit of the Lord. We draw this conclusion from this small detail: He planned to meet with other students.

Why the roof? A rooftop (like a mountain top) enhances vision and revelation (2 Samuel 18:24), gives a heavenly perspective (Acts 10:9-19), and brings Heaven a little closer to earth (the dip to the ground). I received wisdom from the Lord and revelation about my neighbor because God often shows me who and what to pray for. Gasoline [prayer] fuels vehicles [ministries].

The Meaning of Cry Every Day

The Lord is not saying we should walk around daily with a mournful morose attitude, a box of Kleenex, and red puffy eyes. For one thing, this would contradict Scripture’s “rejoice in the Lord always with thanksgiving” message. In truth, there are many Bible verses about crying out to God for help, lifting our voice in prayer with tears, and seeing God respond to these passionate pleas. (Some examples are seen in Psalms 18:6, 30:2, 34:6, Hebrews 5:7-8). However, I believe this dream is speaking about a different kind of crying.

Sometimes we can become so overwhelmed by the kindness and generosity of the Lord Jesus, that our hearts swell and overflow with love and gratitude. This overflow may manifest as tears; as discreet as dampened eyes with a sniffle, or free flowing. To “Cry every day” means to posture the heart to experience this overflow.

The journey through the Tabernacle begins when we enter His Gates with thanksgiving and His Courts with noisy rambunctious praise. God loves and inhabits the praises of His people (Psalm 22:3). Then the Holy Spirit draws us closer to the Holy of Holies where we enter quiet worship.

As we regularly worship the Lord our hearts overflow with love and gratitude, and it is easy to cry every day.

The closer we get to worshipping the King of kings and Lord of lords, the more likely words may fail or seem inadequate. Nevertheless, tears instantly close any perceived gap and they truly become a language unto themselves.

Cry Every Day (Overflow) to draw closer to Heaven

For me, this place of overflow has served to be an antidote to busyness and distraction. It quickly recreates the virtual rooftop atmosphere where the Roofer stands ready to inspect, repair, reveal, and instruct.

Psalm 63:4-5 says:
 Daily I will worship you passionately and with all my heart.
    My arms will wave to you like banners of praise.
 I overflow with praise when I come before you,
    for the anointing of your presence satisfies me like nothing else.
(The Passion Translation).

In summary, I believe this was the message from the Roofer in this dream encounter:

I am inspecting roofs. Take time daily to ponder and remember what I have said and done. Allow My Spirit to draw you deeply into true worship to the point of overflow. Learn from Me, see what I am doing, and know My will for you and others. In this place, Heaven is very close to the earth, and you will find protection and be successful in what I have called you to do.

I pray that you will experience roof-top encounters with the Spirit of the Lord in 2022 and draw a little closer to Heaven. Amen!

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  1. Dear Jacquie, thank you! Once again your message is profoundly relevant. I have been meditating on psalm 100, entering His gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise, so this resonates deeply with me. And the atmosphere is indeed changing. My dark night has ended and things are becoming clearer. I am filled with gratitude daily. Love and blessings. Jenny

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