Free Dream Meanings Course

Our free Dream Meanings course is now available for preview and enrollment! We are so excited to be able to offer Laying Dream Foundations, the first of three courses in our Dream Meanings program!

This Bible-based introductory course is ideal for dreamers who diligently research symbols dictionaries but still need help understanding their dreams. (It is also perfect for those who need to know where to begin).

After many years of helping dreamers with their dreams and considering that gifted dream interpreters in the Bible did not rely on dream dictionaries, it became evident that *something* was lacking in the general approach to interpreting dreams. But what?

The design remained unclear even though the desire to create an instructional course on dreams was birthed four years ago after publishing Parables, Dreams & Encounters (#ad). Finally, the Holy Spirit revealed that one of the chief barriers to understanding dreams lies in how we view them, our perspective. (Another barrier is the ability to discern the source of a dream). He explained this with the Scriptures, as the Bible speaks much about foundations.

Viewing Foundations

We typically look at dreams from the ground up by deciphering symbols and then figuring out how they “fit.” This is as easy as navigating a clear pathway in a jungle. In contrast, when we shift our perspective to view our dreams from Heaven down, the aerial view is comparable to an airplane’s. From the top down, even the densest forest looks neat, tidy, and organized. When one dream symbol has two to five different listed meanings, it helps to begin from the correct viewpoint.

Free Dream Meaning Course to view dreams from the top down to create an organized foundation.
Colorful unassembled wood Legos.

First and free Dream Meanings Course

Take this free Dream Meanings course, Laying Dream Foundations, at your own pace as time and interest permits. However, it is the pre-requisite for Building Interpretive Skills, which promises to be more “technical.” By the end of this course, these loose building blocks will suddenly assemble into a foundation.

Learn more about our Dream Meanings program, view our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), and let us know your thoughts. Thank you!

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