Dream Gymnastics

Dream gymnastics involve a variety of activities while asleep

Dream Gymnastics

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Gymnastics are not only for athletes; you may discover you can be very active in your dreams.

Have you ever – bicycled in heavy traffic like a seasoned pro, sailing past cars, city buses and honking taxi cabs? Or paraglided across a valley, far above miniature-sized farm houses and rolling green pastures? Or ran with the stamina of a horse, across an endless carpet of wildflowers – and then awakened?

Dreams can be active and exciting all without breaking a sweat. This is because we get to do things we may never try in real life. Why not become an overnight expert without the hundreds of hours of schooling or training? Dreamers who have a seer gift frequently experience dreams in which all five senses are exercised. This post includes:


Each dream symbol or activity can have a positive or negative meaning. This depends on the source of the dream (the Holy Spirit, the body or soul, or the kingdom of darkness). So, we may first need to understand the parabolic meaning of the symbol or activity in context before we can interpret the dream.

At other times, the message will be crystal clear. When we see ourselves doing something in a vision, chances we will perform the same activity later in life. This is because, unlike a dream (interpretation is necessary), a vision is literal (no interpretation is necessary). Visions can occur at night, as part of a dream during sleep, or in the daytime while awake.

Our focus here is on spiritual dreams (from the Holy Spirit). Following are just a few examples out of the many activities that dreamers may experience:


FLYING – It is amazing how gymnasts propel their bodies through the air for a floor exercise or from apparatus. Still, gymnastics pale in comparison to the moves a dreamer can make. If the dreamer is gifted to move in the realm of the Spirit, wings are not required. For example, Prophet Ezekiel was picked up by a lock of his hair (Chapter 8:3). Flying is exhilarating and the views can be fascinating. We may gain God’s perspective of a matter. Or a receive complete knowledge of something we did not previously understand (the whole forest versus the trees). We might even catch glimpses of the invisible realm to understand what is affecting people or events on the ground.

FREE FALLING – This is arguably one of the more scary dream experiences. The dreamer feels he or she has no control over environment or circumstances. Not to mention, there is fear of a hard landing. That is, unless a cloud cushions the fall or the dreamer suddenly grows web-shooters like Spiderman! Falling dreams may serve the purpose of giving us a warning or grabbing our attention.

We see a “falling” example from the life of Prophet Jonah. Unwilling to obey God’s instructions to deliver a message to Nineveh, Jonah boarded a ship headed in the opposite direction. What was he thinking?! Unfortunately, he ended up overboard and fell deep into the stormy sea. Jonah was helplessly tangled up in seaweed when he cried out to God to save him. God sent a large fish/whale to Jonah’s rescue. However, he sentenced the prophet to three days and nights in Fort Blue Balaena (whale). Jonah had plenty of time to ponder his disobedience before he was allowed to see daylight again! (Jonah 1:15-17; 2:1-10).


My falling dream experience was no less frightening. I was one of many passengers on a falling plane somewhere over continental Africa. The situation looked hopeless. I prayerfully accepted my fate and was completely at peace. Unexpectedly, and just before impact, the nose of the plane pulled upwards and we were all spared!

The kind of peace I experienced in the dream was supernatural. In fact, this dream communicated to me what full surrender looks and feels like. When we have placed our trust in God, we can be assured that His Hand will always be there.

Bungee jumping and skydiving is about taking risks (faith). Still, the is a back up plan or exit strategy. The elastic harness pulls us back to safety, or a parachute makes for a safe landing.


RUNNING – Like a gymnast, the dreamer (or person running in the dream) is moving forward with speed and perseverance. The Apostle Paul encouraged us to run the “race” of life with endurance to the end (Hebrews 12:1; 1 Corinthians 9:24).

On the other hand, running away from something or someone in a dream suggests there is hidden fear. Who/what are you running away from in your dream? Fear dreams typically recur until we face and conquer the fear. Ignoring them is not a wise response. Job warns that the things we fear can come true if we do not address the fear (Job 3:25). Fear is a spirit and when we invite God to face it with us, His perfect love drives away all fear ((2 Timothy 1:7; 1 John 4:18). Such an awesome promise!

WALKING – Sometimes we will find ourselves walking in a dream instead of driving a vehicle. Walking means moving forward, but with individual spiritual power and at a slower pace. (Remember, Jesus did a significant amount of walking). Limping means something or some experience is hindering our progress. Whereas, using crutches could mean we are relying too much on someone or something. Or we may be nursing a “spiritual” injury (such as an inner hurt, or fear, or unforgiveness).

LEAPING – This dream activity is probably my second favorite to flying. Just like a gymnast or gazelle, we effortlessly and temporarily ascend in the Spirit for swift acceleration or to overcome an obstacle that would otherwise hinder our spiritual progress. (Ski-jumping is similar but with a lot more speed).


In one dream: I effortlessly leapt from a platform onto the last car of a departing train. This was because I knew missing it would have serious consequences! And in another dream, I leapt over a snarling demonic creature that was trying to prevent me from getting to the airport. [Stay tuned for a future post about vehicles and travel].

Leapfrogging is a children’s playground activity. However, if you happen to be in business, your dream may be showing you that an innovative strategy will bring swift promotion.


DANCING- Once again, it is difficult not to admire the beauty of a well choreographed floor exercise. However, in the language of dream gymnastics, dancing is usually symbolic of worship. Moreover, worship is often expressed in multiple different ways. Possibly an elegant waltz with a partner or a synchronized line dance. Or it way be a choreographed gymnastic floor exercise – from the comfort of your pillow. The Bible describes King David’s worship as “leaping and whirling” (2 Samuel 6:16).

If the worship includes spiritual warfare, you may see yourself stomping and clapping like a flamenco dancer, or stepping rhythmically to a beating drum like a Zulu warrior. Playing an instrument is another symbol of worship, and it may be an instrument you have never studied!

CRAWLING- This does not look like the typical level of activity seen in dream gymnastics, yet it is important. Could there be something hindering your progress, such as lack of spiritual power or an injury or a malfunction? Perhaps your prayer life needs to be revived. The context of your dream may show you how to correct the problem.

On the other hand, if you are an intercessor who regularly engages in spiritual warfare prayer, crawling on your belly (staying in a position of humility) is desirable to avoid those sneak attacks from the enemy’s arrows. Kneeling is also a posture of humility (or worship, if hands are also raised).


SWIMMING – Clear water usually represents the Word of God which cleanses and clarifies. Jesus described flowing clear water, such as a river, is the move of the Spirit (John 4:13-14) or as seen by Prophet Ezekiel in (Chapter 47). Therefore, swimming represents skill with the Word and/or moving in the Spirit.

It takes quite a bit of effort to stay in one spot in the water. Synchronized swimmers (dancers) make water exercises look effortless. If you are swimming in place, this could mean there is much perseverance without much spiritual progress. Are you praying outside of God’s Will or timing or from a wrong spirit? (Take note of the condition of the water. Cloudy or dirty, stagnant water with garbage or debris could reveal spiritual pollution that no one should want to swim in).

DIVING – This is for those who fearlessly go deep into the unknown in the Spirit realm. Water, symbolic of the Word and the Spirit in the Scriptures, holds untold hidden treasures! Such a dream may be an invitation to meet God not only on mountain tops, but in deep places, especially if you have only been a toe dipper. Deep calls unto deep (Psalm 42:7). If you travel beyond a depth of 600 feet, the waters will likely grow darker, but this is only because you have gone beyond the range of sunlight. Do not presume the dream is negative. Darkness sometimes means hiddenness (Psalm 18:11).


CLIMBING – This activity means going higher or ascending to a higher level in the Spirit regardless of whether you are climbing stairs, a ladder or a mountain. We require strength and endurance, unlike when riding an elevator or escalator.

Going lower has the opposite meaning, but should not be automatically perceived as a spiritual demotion. God sometimes leads us into valleys so we can learn that He remains faithful, even in low places where we may feel invisible or insignificant or discouraged.

Ever heard the saying – Too heavenly minded, no earthly good? God makes use of skills that simplify otherwise difficult to understand spiritual concepts. We see this illustrated in the life of Jesus Christ on earth. He would go up into the mountains alone to pray, but would come down to teach and minister to the multitudes.


RIDING – Unless you are using your own feet on bicycle pedals or in a Flintstone car, it usually means some other power source is doing the work for you. A horse, a car or motorcycle (engine), or even a sailboat (wind) may power your journey. If you are “steering” then you are choosing the direction, and the number of available seats or wheels will dictate if you travel alone or with companions.

WRESTLING – These kinds of dreams could mean the dreamer is challenging or resisting someone or something, or demonstrating an unwillingness to release something of importance. Jacob wrestled with an angel of the Lord to receive his blessing (which God had promised him). If a dreamer is unwilling to release what God knows will bring harm or disappointment, God may give the dreamer warning dreams to show what the consequences will be if the dreamer does not change course (Job 33:17-18).

Ephesians 6 tells us that we fight against powers, principalities and rulers of darkness. We must be spiritually equipped. We use offensive weapons (the Word of God) and defensive armor (assurance of our Salvation, Righteousness, Faith, Truth, and Peace).

SPORTS – Ball (as in a sport) involve covenant purpose, either for an individual or for a team, because things that are circular or round represent covenant.


Whether there be dare devil stunts or acrobatics, God may be communicating that the dreamer will need new skills, the ability to balance priorities, and precision (accuracy) to successfully navigate the next season of life. This is one of the reasons for dream gymnastics.

Physical training is good, but training for godliness is much better, promising benefits in this life and in the life to come.” (1 Timothy 4:8).

One last tip – be sure to pay attention to whether you are wearing the right gear or have the right equipment (preparation) for the activity. Got your helmet or seatbelt or safety harness fastened? Good.

On your mark. Get set. Now let’s get some sleep!

Resource: Parables, Dreams and Encounters

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