My Precious Husband Rich is Now in Heaven

My Precious Husband is Now in Heaven illustrated by a widow in back with her husband's shoes on her lap. Photo by Karolina Grabowska:

My Precious Husband Rich is Now in Heaven with His Lord & Savior Jesus

My Name is Rich

We ask Jesus to Be Our Lord and Savior

My precious husband Rich loved to worship. Photo: A man plays an autoharp by Michaelangeloop

Sent to the Nations

Opening Healing Rooms

All Things Are Possible

Rich’s Amazing Testimony

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By Rich Kane

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Behold, the Son!

My Precious Husband is Now in Heaven with the Lord

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8 thoughts on “My Precious Husband Rich is Now in Heaven

  1. Thanks for sharing your friends’ testimony, Jacquie. It seems they had a marriage made in heaven and they remained faithful to each other and grew in faith in our Lord Jesus Christ. Rich & Dot helped many people in their ministry and through your sharing here, they help me in their example. I hope the Lord will be pleased with me at my death. I try to do God’s will always. May Rich Kane rest in peace. May Dottie be blessed.

    1. Thanks Paul! Yes, they have truly been a blessing to so many people. Dottie is determined to continue the work and do even more amazing things. As always thank YOU for your faithful support. That your desire is for God’s approval is evidence enough that you already please Him. God bless you!

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