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“What you see, write…” (Revelation 1:11)

Hello there

I’m Jacquie.
I am an avid dreamer, a student of the Holy Scriptures, and a citizen of the Kingdom of Heaven. I am also a self-published author and part-time blogger, In my posts, I often share my dreams and analyze them. By day, I also “make tents” as a Healthcare Consultant/RN

My Journey

About 20 years ago, I discovered that God speaks to us through dreams. Soon, I began to learn to interpret and analyze my own dreams and discovered there were many others who really needed help with their own. This is why the Lord led me to write a book and start this blog.

Why Dream Interpretations and Analysis?

Dreams are very similar to the Parables taught by Jesus. So, as we study the Parables, we can learn to understand the language of dreams. Not only do dreams provide instructions and directions, they often show us our future. Certainly, dream interpretations and analysis are important skills to be taught and learned.

Since a dream can be quite prophetic, it is important to discern its source. A dream can be from God, or from our soul, or from the kingdom of darkness. Dark dreams are not to be feared or ignored, but rather to be conquered and canceled. Furthermore, God has given us the very best Helper and Teacher… The Holy Spirit!

You’re invited

In the near future, I hope to offer more coaching (for individuals and groups) and you are welcome to join me for that. However, in the meantime, I love to hear from readers and anyone who has questions about dreams. After all, it is one of my favorite topics 🙂 Your input will also help me to create better content.

Email: admin@chozehconnections.com

Thank you for visiting, and before you go, please check out my blog and book.




The orchid? This was a birthday present from 5 years ago and it blooms the end of each winter. Isn’t it lovely? Moreover, it is colorful and full of details… just like our dreams!

An orchid is colorful and detailed just like our dreams.
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