Prophetic Dream: The Transition

The transition to the Kingdom is too narrow for some to pass.
Big fish can not pass in the ampoule with the castle. 3D Rendering

This prophetic dream The Transition begins before the 2020 Presidential elections and transitions three different time periods. I have never met anyone I saw in the dream and the dream was in color.

Date: August 9, 2020

Dream Title: The Transition

Dream Scene 1

Scene 1: The setting was a large furnished office space with different groups of people working on different projects. To my left, a group of people (including Christians) were discussing a political event. A supervisor from that group had scheduled a large print job and asked for my help to gather the copies from the printers and stack them for her.

Dream Scene 2

Scene 2: It was the end of the work day and time to go home. Many of us were in the parking lot behind the office building and it was bright and sunny outside. Just then, the same supervisor asked for help to carry some printed material to the trunk (boot) of her car. One booklet fell to the ground, but I couldn’t grab it because my hands were full. She picked it up. “Look, you dropped one!” she said. I replied, “Yes, I’m sorry, I saw it fall and I was coming back for it.” She said, “That’s okay.”

I was about to walk to my car with a woman who lived in the same housing community as me (only a mile away from the office). At the same time, some people from the office planned to distribute booklets at a local campaign event and asked me to join them. “Can we count on you to help us get out the vote?” I responded, “You know that I am a Christian, right? I cannot vote against the principles of Jesus Christ.”

“Oh c’mon! All things are forgiven by God,” countered one who was supposed to be a Christian. They laughed as if I was being ridiculous. There was no offense given or taken in our exchange. We remained cordial to one another.

Dream Scene 3

Scene 3: As my neighbor and I exited the parking lot, the view in front of us was completely dark like midnight (except for street lights). This was shocking, because it was still sunny daylight behind us. Then suddenly, a brief rain shower appeared in the darkness, and in the midst of the rain shower, the silhouette of a transparent whirlwind became visible. It seemed surreal, like an animation, and spanned from ground to sky. And just as suddenly, the rain stopped and the whirlwind disappeared.

I froze. “Did you see that?” My neighbor said yes. Again, suddenly the rain and the whirlwind reappeared for a few seconds, then disappeared again. The whirlwind did not look destructive, but I said, “We’d better get out of here when it disappears again.” When it disappeared the third time, I quickly drove out of the parking lot and made a right turn towards home. I closed my eyes briefly in the darkness. A couple seconds later, I thought to myself, I’d better open my eyes to see where I am going! I did, and saw it was bright and sunny again.

Dream Scene 4

Scene 4: We arrived at our housing development and the first house at the first entrance on the right was a stunning new white multi-story mansion, where my neighbor lived. I had never seen this house before. She had recently moved in, so I promised to come and visit her. I drove to my usual entrance, but it was partially blocked because of multiple construction and building projects. Even the road was being resurfaced with new blacktop. I was amazed at all the activity. Somehow I knew it was around Christmas time.

There was a man in the guard booth who could grant me access. He asked for my address then said, “Okay, I’ll make an exception” (instead of routing me to another entrance). After waiting a couple minutes for the heavy equipment to unblock the way, I proceeded. I marveled at all the new construction and said to myself, This is an economic boom! Following behind me was a huge oil tanker. (I woke up.)

The Transition: Dream Analysis

Dream Analysis Scene 1

Scene 1: Each scene represents a different time period. As can be seen, scenes 1 and 2 precede the November 2020 US Presidential elections. The printers and booklets are symbolic of the media blitz for the elections that has already started to “get out the vote.”

Dream Analysis Scene 2

Scene 2: There was no offense because of different viewpoints. We should never become angry and hateful. God loves all people and the Bible instructs us to be submissive and respectful to authorities. However, as illustrated, standing for God’s Word will become increasingly unpopular. My co-workers in the dream viewed my thinking as archaic! Somehow, the campaign booklet seemed to be more important to them, but God’s Word is inerrant and sovereign. Additionally, the Bible reveals, only true repentance (turning to God) will bring His forgiveness.

Dream Analysis Scene 3

Scene 3: The darkness was a vision within the dream and we were seeing what was going on in another dimension. The darkness, like the spiritual darkness that Isaiah saw in Chapter 60 verse 2, was not from God, but as Isaiah prophesies, the Lord will arise over us and prepare us for the transition. The Bible often associates rain with blessings from heaven (1Kings 8:35-36). Correspondingly, whirlwinds can signify sudden changes or portals. (Prophet Elijah was taken to heaven in a whirlwind, 2 Kings 2:11).

The rain and whirlwind appeared 3 times in the darkness. The number 3 means Divine confirmation, the perfect witness of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. In this case, three may mean three associated events or three measures of time – possibly days or months or years. Regardless of whether there is darkness or light, God’s plans for us are always for good. Darkness or light is the same to Him (Psalm 139: 11-12). So, it will be important to stay focused on what He is doing instead of focusing on works of evil: eyes open and watchful.

Dream Analysis Scene 4

Scene 4: The season had suddenly changed, it was Christmas time. Even more amazing, the transition had occurred within the space of driving half a mile. The lighting changed from dark to light. It was bright and sunny again, but things looked very different. There was a significant level of building and construction going on. In light of the context, the woman riding with me likely represents the watchful, attentive church (Bride of Christ) or the Five Wise Virgins in the Parable recorded in Matthew chapter 25:1-13.

Furthermore, the mansion and economic boom are symbolic of a prosperity coming with the Kingdom of God and possibly to the natural world. The man in the guard booth was probably an angel. He granted me access through a narrow entrance. The Bible tells us in Matthew 7:14 that the way to Life is narrow and few find it. The resurfaced blacktop road may reflect new opportunities for evangelism, as well as other spiritual gifts (Christmas is associated with gifts). They will be accompanied by an abundant increase in the Anointing of God (the oil tanker). Oil is symbolic of the Holy Spirit.

The Transition: Dream Interpretation

In summary: Though challenging seasons may lay ahead before the end of the year, let us uphold the Word of God, stay the course and not become distracted by the darkness and politics. God is bringing about swift changes. The transition will manifest the beginning of a glorious new era for the outpouring of His Spirit and the advancement of His Kingdom, the likes of which we have never seen.

This is a message of hope. Amen!

Addendum and Tips: Scenes in a dream indicate time will pass before a next scene. When analyzing a Christian prophetic dream, always look for elements that contain the witness of God (1 John 5: 9-13). Explicitly, the Holy Spirit often speaks of His Kingdom and the life we receive through God the Son, Jesus Christ. Important tip to myself – never presume to know the timing of God!

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  1. Good morning Jacque, I hope this finds you well. I got a confirmation to send an email/read your blog this morning. Praise be to God! I am inspired and happy to read your blog and this message. I have had similar. May God continue to bless you with prophetic visions.

  2. Jacquie, this was an amazing dream you had & your interpretation, Bible-based, is amazing too. Your writing is so clear, a pleasure to read. In retrospect, I think your dream, particularly “Dream Scene 4” might have been foretelling change in U.S. presidential administration, from Trump to Biden. Keep the faith, dear Jacquie, and may your faith grow & grow!

    1. Hi @paulyr2 thank you so much. I have certainly considered that the dream was prophetic of some of the many changes we have seen politically, but also spiritually. The end is most encouraging, though. It speaks of an amazing restoration. Definitely a spiritual outpouring , but also a coming economic boom. May God’s perfect will be manifested, for His glory. God bless you!

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