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prophetic dream interpretation and analysis

About Chozeh Connections

We believe the Lord Jesus still speaks through parables, prophetic dreams, and Scriptures. These are vital tools to help us lead fruitful lives, and to serve God’s Kingdom in this earth. Therefore, this is why we are so passionate about prophetic dream interpretations and analysis.

We respond to questions. Please send us private emails though Contact (in the top menu). And, we value your public comments or feedback about our posts to help us to improve our content.

Cover of Parables, Dreams and Encounters book about prophetic dreams and analysis

Available in E-book or paperback: #ad (paid)

Imagine supernaturally surviving a collision with an eighteen-wheeler, coming face to face with a familiar spirit, hearing call-waiting for dreams in queue, encountering an angel on your living room sofa (reading a newspaper)! How about experiencing a haunted hotel room or battling shape-shifters and strange-looking inter-dimensional creatures? … And more!

This 3-in-1 book shares OVER FORTY personal dreams and supernatural encounters. After each dream, find interpretation tips and detailed analyses. We also uncover hidden messages found in the Parables – annotated with Bible Scriptures.

If you are a non-dreamer and non-hearer, there is hope. Like the author, you too can learn to discern God’s Voice. From the examples, you will grow to understand how and when God speaks through every day dreams and experiences.

First, sense as your seer gifts awaken. Then, discover easy ways to interpret your dreams about your life and destiny! Additionally, you will learn how to use your spiritual armor and weapons while awake, in order to take charge of your sleep! That’s right, no more fear of nightmares. In fact, you will discover that God is a Friend who is keenly interested in everything that concerns you. Not only does He help to solve problems, He always speaks answers of peace.

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