Keys to Unlocking Your Dreams

I was recently a guest on a podcast titled, Keys to Unlocking Your Dreams, which aired live on Facebook and simulcast on radio Star 106 FM (in The Bahamas).

The host, Coach Trish Hanna, read my book and invited me on her “Your Lane” Talk Show. This is only a 5-minute clip, but you may watch the entire program on her YouTube channel/@coachtrishhanna (Episode 38). Apologies for the poor audio quality; I hope the subtitles help.

Keys to Unlocking Your Dreams

Visions are very different from dreams. Understanding the difference is essential for unlocking our dreams.

Dreams are intentionally cryptic for different reasons, not only so we can pursue God for the interpretations. God’s wisdom is greater than ours and He is highly protective of us. Therefore, some things need to stay hidden from destiny thieves.

However, all dreams require a response, especially dark dreams. Some dreamers see spirit spouses. Still, others see dead relatives or familiar spirits. What do these dreams mean, and how should we respond to them? What about receiving food from a stranger in a dream? Can we recognize angels in dreams? Are dreams prophetic, or can we change outcomes? What is spiritual warfare? Why is it necessary?

We need spiritual discernment to differentiate between spiritual and soulish dreams because the soul can be deceptive. But how can we discern whether what we see is something we want or what God wants us to have? We have barely scratched the surface with these questions. God’s Word and His Kingdom hold many answers to these mysteries. Thank you for watching!

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  1. Thank-you for your concern for others & it’s so nice to see you speak as guest on Trish Hanna’s ‘Your Lane.’ You are very well-spoken and I’m glad to read your blog. May God continue blessing you and inspiring you, Jacquie.

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