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About Course

Laying Dream Foundations is the first course in our three-part Dream Meanings program. It is designed for dreamers who endlessly research symbols dictionaries but need help to come to an understanding of their dreams. This Bible-based course addresses four essential foundational skills every dreamer should understand. These are the WHAT, HOW, WHY, and WHERE of dreams.

Navigating a dense forest of dream symbols is hard work, and there is no telling where you will end up! In reality, the most gifted dream interpreters, such as Daniel and Joseph, did not rely on symbol dictionaries. Likewise, dreamers who take Laying Dream Foundations will discover that understanding comes from seeing a dream from the correct perspective, a heavenly view, with discernment. This shift in awareness is necessary to prepare a dreamer to understand dream meanings.

The Bible speaks a lot about foundations. In fact, the Lord Jesus (in Matthew 7), makes it clear that a building without a solid foundation is at risk.

There is no requirement for this introductory course, just a healthy dose of curiosity and open-mindedness. However, Laying Dream Foundations is a prerequisite for the second course, Building Interpretive Skills. Experienced dreamers and non-dreamers are welcome. Further, you may preview any unlocked lesson (eye symbol) before clicking the blue ENROLL NOW button to sign up. The Resource tab above (visible after enrolling) has Navigation Tips. Learn more about our program here, and please tell your friends about it!. Please be aware that some quiz questions (drag and drop) are difficult to navigate by mobile phone. Please skip over these questions.

Laying Dream Foundations is an essential prerequisite for successfully building interpretive skills.

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What Will You Learn?

  • What is a dream versus a vision? Discern differences in God's parabolic way of speaking.
  • Immediately recognize embedded visions and dreams (such as a vision within a vision).
  • Understand how science and psychology differ from a Biblical perspective on dreams and why symbol meanings will differ.
  • Why did I see a particular dream? Learn about the four sources of dreams and how this helps us to understand the reason for the dream.
  • Where is the best view for dreams? Learn how a shift in perspective makes it easier to understand our dreams.
  • Common types of dreams, visions, and encounters.
  • Some biblical and famous examples of dreams and visions.

Course Content

Dream Meanings Introduction – Begin here
An introductory overview. Meet your instructors, take a survey, and review the course syllabuses. Unless otherwise specified for the Dream Meanings Program, Scripture taken from the New King James Version®. Copyright © 1982 by Thomas Nelson. Used by permission. All rights reserved.

Laying Dream Foundations Introduction
Please review the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Statement under the Dream Meaning Introduction before accessing Laying Dream Foundations. Images in this course are from Depositphotos.com under a standard license or pexels.com. Music tracts are copyrighted by Epidemic Sounds used under a standard license. Unless otherwise specified, Scripture taken from the New King James Version®. Copyright © 1982 by Thomas Nelson. Used by permission. All rights reserved.

I. God’s Language: What are Dreams and Visions?
To interpret dreams accurately, we must be fluent in the divine languages of dreams and visions. God speaks to us differently in dreams vs visions. So, we need to be able to discern them when dreaming. Based on the Scriptures, we discuss the differences, and review several types of visions and encounters, including angelic encounters.

II. How the Bible differs From Science and Psychology on Dreams
This introductory lesson looks at the Bible vs science vs psychology.

III. Why Do We Dream? Four Sources
This topic looks at the 4 different sources of dreams. It is important to know the source since we will respond to them in different ways.  © 2023 Chozeh Connections.

IV. Where is the Best View for Dreams? Perspectives and Locations
Spiritual dreams are rarely discrete and are easier to understand if we know what to focus on.  © 2023 Chozeh Connections.

VII. Final Quiz
Check how much you have learned. A passing grade of 80% is necessary to move on to the next course - Building Interpretive Skills. Please review the correct answer and lesson material, then retake the final quiz to achieve a passing grade.

V. Final Word
Tell us what you thought about this course and see a video about the next course Building Interpretive Skills.

Student Ratings & Reviews

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3 months ago
Great course!
If you are a dreamer this is a must have course! If you need help understanding your dreams, God has led you to the right place.
Do you spend time praying, searching and trying to understand your dreams? Enroll now.
If you're like me and dream often, and have had some dreams happen in real life too, but you've totally missed the real meaning until the 'Aha moment' afterward. You need this course! It'll help you discern where/who your dreams are coming from, and if they're about you or someone else. You'll learn how to tell if it was a dream or a vision, or maybe both, and what the difference is.
Ever been deceived by a dream that you really believed was meant come true? Been there, done that too! This course will teach you to identify the difference between soul, physical and demonic dreams from Godly dreams and visions.
I am looking forward to the next 2 segments of this course to get even more functional discernment plus getting started on symbols and interpretations!

Hope to see you all in chat soon!
4 months ago
I’m excited to use this knowledge in the future! God frequently gives me dreams & I’ve always questioned if they are from Him, their meaning & more! God carefully brought me to this course (& website in general) for a reason & I hope this rating gets this out to more people who need it!
Julia Garrett
4 months ago
Laying Dream Foundation Course has been like a breath of fresh air and has not only challented me to reach for the stars but has helped to give me the strong froundation that was lacking in the other courses, I have taken over the years! My dream life has come alive once again! I had gone through a year or so since Covid that I didn't dream or couldn't remember my dreams and my dreams have been activated again and given me hope for capturing the vital essence of hearing God through dreams and Vision since dreams and visions incompass one third of the bible any way, it is a must for the prophet and all other ministries and especiall for every born again believer that wants to hear God's heart for our lives and the lives of many others! Congratulations Jaquie of chozehconnections.com for a totally captivating experience with the foundation, the building blocks to helping me and others become a dream Specialist Interpreter and Warrior, too!! Amen!
5 months ago
This Dream course has given me a greater understanding of dreams and visions. It is very different from other dream courses I have taken, because it was elaborate and the author went to great lengths to explain every detail to be assured that we understand the importance of what dreams and visions are about. The information motivated me to avidly search the scriptures scriptures to eagerly learn the different ways God speaks to His children. I have come away with an eagerness and a stronger desire to grow closer to God. This course is excellent, and on a very high level. Thank you Jacquie. You have gone above and Beyond. A great Dream Course!