The Shepherd’s Fold

In Psalm 23, the Shepherd watches over the sheep of His fold,

Psalms 23 is known for how the Shepherd protects His sheep. However, there are other Scripture that support this psalm and that list is at the end of this post.

The Shepherd speaks to you

I AM the Good Shepherd. There are many in My Fold. You are My Beloved. I call you by Name as I lead you in and out. Hear My Voice and follow Me for I watch over you and care for you. Is there anything you lack for life and for godliness? Do not forage like wild goats which sample everything they see. Instead, Come to Me and rest. Wait for Me to feed you revelations of My Love and from My Kingdom. Meditate and ruminate on all My Words, for they are Spirit and give Life. Though I speak through Prophecy, Parables and Dreams, I give to you the Spirit of Wisdom and the Spirit of Understanding. For You, Dear Ones, have been chosen to comprehend mysteries from God.

O Lord, distractions make it difficult for me to hear Your Voice. Like rushing brooks, they dazzle and captivate for a season but they eventually run dry. You hear my thoughts and sense my disquiet from afar, even before I can utter a word! Please lead me to Your Peace where I can drink deeply of Your Presence once again. There, Joy is restored, my strength is renewed and I am satisfied.

He leads and guides you

Beloved, when you stray or wander be assured that I will neither leave you nor forsake you. I AM He who lay down His Life for you. Dear Ones, I know every path you will ever take and every choice you will ever make long before you make them.

Sheep sometimes wander, and that is why we need the Good Shepherd.

It is the Father who draws you by His Spirit so that your pathways lead to Me. I call you by My Name because I AM the Way. I AM YHWH Tsidkenu: The LORD Your Righteousness. Do not fear, little flock, for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the Kingdom.

The Shepherd faithfully protects you

The Darkness may summon Death and clandestine followers to your Fold. But in Your Light, imposters are exposed for the wolves that they are and Death fleets as a shadow. Your Right Hand holds mine securely while Your Fire purifies my Soul. Your Blood testifies that I am blameless before You and defends me from my Accuser. Look how the Darkness trembles at Your Word: “Touch not my anointed, and do my prophets no harm!”

Beloved, when you run ahead of Me or forsake My Counsel, you may stumble. Still, am the Shepherd who remains faithful. I wait for every opportunity to be gracious to you. My Hands contain healing, and the Power and Might to free you from every distress. Return to Me. My Voice and My Eyes will guide you to safety. Look to My Word to light your Path and remember to invite others to join us.

He provides for you

Lord, those who hate You also hate me. How offended they are at the Gifts and Anointing You have prepared for me! The Knowledge of the Holy One and the Fear of the Lord route my escape from their evil snares, while Your Truth frees my heart to worship You. When I ponder it, I feel overwhelmed by the matchless outpouring of Your Love and Generosity!

My Beloved, remember Me and partake of Me. Remain in Me and keep My Words in you. Believe in Me and see. Ask of Me and receive. Seek and find your destiny in Me. You will not be denied. Have Faith in God, do not doubt and what you speak shall happen. When you set your love upon Me, I will answer your call. You shall remain in my love when you keep My Commands. And I will manifest to you. When you hide yourself in Me, you shall be revealed by My Father.

A grateful sheep

Lord, without question, Your Goodness and Mercy are unending. Never will they cease towards me for as long as I live! For I dwell in Christ Jesus, the Shepherd, Who is preparing for me an Eternal Home with God.


Inspired by Psalm 23, Psalm 139, John 10, John 15, Psalm 105:15, Isaiah 11, Isaiah 53, and other Fold favorites.

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