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The Fragrance of Nations (part two)

Part one of this post discusses my uncommon experiences with fragrances or “seeing with the nose,” and also how the sense of smell can remain active during dreams and help us to discern our spiritual environments. Scripture supports this because the Apostle John, a seer, exercised all his senses during his open visions and revelations of Jesus (he smelled the incense in Revelation 5:8, 8:4).

Additionally, I shared my dream about fragrances:  I could not decide which to choose, so I bought samples of every fragrance from a perfumer and each sample was from a different nation. The entire set cost $120. Later, in the same dream, l was surprised that a woman sitting right beside me could not smell the fragrance I was wearing.

First, I will continue with a brief discussion about what dreams and the nations mean to me, then interpret the dream using symbols and similitudes, and finally share how this dream relates to all Believers in Christ.

A Juan in a Million Dreamers

When God granted my request for spiritual dreams, my walk became really exciting and complicated. Moreover, there were real lessons to be learned besides how to interpret dreams.

Although I diligently searched dream and Bible dictionaries, listened to teachings, connected with very helpful mentoring, and like a sponge absorbed all I could, the process became too “scripted” and many interpretations lacked the inner witness of the Spirit. On the inside I knew something (Someone) was missing. Thankfully, God intervened.

Suddenly the supernatural God invaded my world and took charge; He gained my full attention. Everything shifted. He became my Mentor, taught me His language through Scriptures, the Parables, similitudes, and teaching dreams. I watched Him perform miracles. I learned to discern His Voice, His Fragrance, His signs, and He truly became my Resource and Friend.

Key takeaways: Never underestimate the “inner witness” of the Holy Spirit. And definitely expect God to test your obedience in unusual ways.

In fact, God will always pour out His Spirit wherever He finds a captive audience, even if it’s an audience of one (remember young Samuel?). He wants to be our first and our last Resource, and He requires our obedience.

Why not trust God and become that attentive Juan-in-a million? You will not find a better Teacher and He brings gifts as unique as our DNA and thumbprints.

To receive more dreams and more encounters with God: Be diligent. Be attentive. Be obedient.

The Nations! The Nations!

Seeing dreams about nations seemed like a natural progression in life. By the age of four while living in London, (but born in the Caribbean) my two best friends were from Australia and India. Together, we covered four countries and four different continents!

Another friend from Finland invited me to church to learn about Jesus, and I later exchanged letters for years with other teenage pen friends in Africa, the Far East and Europe. 

Granted, I never know when or where the Holy Spirit will take me, and without an airline ticket, passport, or visa. For example, during the past three weeks, without prior knowledge of (or interest in) the locations, I “met” some super nice people in the Derbyshire Dales and Brighton UK (my guess is that they are Intercessors).

Assuredly, my strongest connection to the nations is discerning God’s heart for the persecuted and suffering saints around the world. He brings (infrequently) a burden of intercession with tears for complete strangers! This next verse validates the myrrh with frankincense encounters.

Your royal robes release the scent of suffering [myrrh] love for your bride; the odor of aromatic incense is upon you. (Psalms 45:8, TPT)

I have shared all of this chiefly to say, dreams give insight into your destiny… and your destinations. But certain symbols will have deeper meaning only to you, and which only the Holy Spirit can interpret for you.

Dream Interpretation by Symbols

Now if we interpret the dream by the symbols:  

The Perfumer is the Lord because He often appears in spiritual dreams.

The Fragrances are the “intercession” God has granted me for different nations (including His persecuted Bride). 

Paying $120 means sacrificing my flesh, to begin life in the Spirit (Genesis 6:3, Acts 1:15).

The woman represents the spirit of this world which cannot discern the Fragrance of His Knowledge (2 Corinthians 2:14).

Interpretation: To intercede for nations, I must be willing to make the sacrifice to walk in the Spirit. I will intercede for many until I discern which nations I have been called to, because the world does not know and cannot discern the Lord.

Dream Interpretation by Similitudes

Question: Why did the Perfumer offer me samples of all nations for $120 instead of choosing one or two for me?

Have you watched the movie or read the book The Shack? When Sophia, the Spirit of Wisdom, asked Mackenzie to choose one of his children that he would be willing to sacrifice, he replied, That’s impossible!

Similarly, as seen in the Parable about the Kingdom of Heaven, the Man secretly re-buried the treasure He found in the field, then bought the whole field (Matthew 13:44). The field represents the world, redeemed with the Blood of Jesus. The treasure trove represents the nations (the souls) in the world who will accept Jesus. Whoever owns the field where treasure is found automatically becomes the Owner of the treasure.

The nations are groups of people (not countries) and God the Father does not choose one above another. Because He loves all, equally, the Perfumer could not choose one nation for me, He gave me all. Likewise, Jesus came to offer salvation to every nation in the world. (John 3:16)

These are examples of similitudes. We will often find these “similarities” between our lives, our dreams, and the Scriptures.

The House of the Perfumer

In the earthly Tabernacle, the Levitical priests (family of Levi) tended to the duties in the Tabernacle, but only the High Priest could enter the Holy of Holies. Offerings were received. Animals were sacrificed to atone for the sins of the people. The air was saturated with the smell of burning animal flesh and grains, fresh bread, and incense which had to be specifically measured and mixed to please God’s nostrils. Lamps were trimmed, and the oil replenished to keep them burning. Obviously, the Tabernacle was a busy and fragrant place.

In Heaven’s Tabernacle, Melchizedek, priest of God whose Order is higher than Levi’s, receives offerings. And Jesus Our High Priest offered Himself as sacrifice for us. He placed His own Blood on the Mercy Seat once and for all, then sat down. By this, Jesus opened the way for every Believer to enter the Holy of Holies through His Blood (Hebrews 7:1-17, 10:10-21).

The Service of the Royal Priesthood

Every Believer is part of a Royal Priesthood, called to minister before the Lord, offering spiritual sacrifices through Jesus (2 Peter 2: 5-9).

If we are only ministering to people, then we may be overlooking our service in the Tabernacle. Our primary ministry should always be unto God.

Even them I will bring to My holy mountain, And make them joyful in My house of prayer. Their burnt offerings and their sacrifices Will be accepted on My altar; For My house shall be called a house of prayer for all nations. (Isaiah 56:7)

According to Revelations 8:1-4, all of Heaven was reverentially silenced for thirty minutes before an angel offered a censer with all the prayers of the saints before God; it was fragrant and pleasing.

Whatever we desire to offer to God must first come from Him in order to be pleasing to Him.

Offerings from others source are like “strange fire,” unacceptable and malodorous (Leviticus 10: 1-3). Consequently, whether we offer Worship, Intercession, Love, Faith, Forgiveness, the Tithe, all must originate from Him. Even Jesus only offered ministry that He saw the Father doing.

So then, in the Heavenly Tabernacle some of my pleasing offerings are the Fragrances (intercession) I received from the Perfumer. My dream destinations and encounters identify the source nations (towns, individuals, universities, politicians etc.).

Question: How can you identify your pleasing service and offerings to the Lord?

Every believer has a unique ministry unto the Lord (not usually your hobby) and your dreams will reveal exactly what God desires most from you. (Solomon offered an exceptional offering and prayed for wisdom because God had first instructed him in a dream, 1 Kings 3:9-11).

The Fragrance of Suffering

I believe the woman in the dream represents the spirit of the world which cannot discern spiritual things. This world requires more of our time, our attention, our clicks, our compliance, our productivity, and it offers little of spiritual or eternal value.

Is it any wonder that Jesus would tell His disciples, come away by yourselves and rest? (Mark 6:31) We too must periodically disconnect and unplug to avoid becoming a worldly distracted Bride.

Disruptions will come. Unexpected pain, a tragedy or loss demand answers to difficult questions. God, why would you let this happen?  

Yet, there is something about brokenness and penitence (from a surrendered heart) that releases a very precious aroma to God. He cannot resist a broken spirit or contrite heart. When we cry, He suffers too. He bottles our tears! (Psalms 51:17; 56:8)

So, He often warns us when we are running headlong into heartbreak or disaster through – a dream or vision in the night, an audible voice, or even – an unusual fragrance, to help us break free.

We can be grateful for God’s interruptions. Why not take a second whiff, or turn aside to inspect the burning bush, or respond to that tugging inner voice?

One Final Word

Is it any coincidence that in the year of vision (2020), during the pandemic, that so many peoples and nations lost their ability to “see with the nose”? In parabolic language, a stuffy nose or loss of smell means discernment is hindered.

Declaration Prayer: May the Lord restore health and discernment to the Nations, and spread the sweet Fragrance of His Knowledge in every place! Amen.